Crown Honda Southpoint is looking for your trade!

The state of the market means that there is a demand for quality pre-owned vehicles! With Crown Honda Southpoint's Exchange Program, you can trade your pre-owned vehicle for a new one - and may be eligible to pay the same or less than what you're paying now!

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The Crown Honda Southpoint Exchange Program is designed to get you into a newer vehicle - and you may be able to pay the same amount or less than what you're paying right now. We are looking to increase our pre-owned inventory, and we're willing to pay you above market value to do so.

The Exchange Program opens you up to many benefits, including:
  • New manufacturer's warranty
  • A higher trade value for your vehicle - above market price
  • New manufacturer's warranty
  • The possibility of keeping the same payments, or lowering them altogether
  • The opportunity to get better financing terms - depending on credit

For more information, please contact Christopher Beausoleil, your exchange specialist!

Phone: 919-425-4768


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