Honda Lease FAQs

Frequently Asked Lease Questions:

Is it necessary to perform maintenance on a leased vehicle?

Yes. As a portion of your lease agreement, you are responsible for servicing your vehicle in full accordance with the manufacturer's minimum recommendations and as indicated by the manufacturer in connection with any recall campaign(s).

What are insurance requirements* for a leased vehicle?

It's imperative to maintain insurance coverage for the entirety of your lease term. Make sure to read your lease agreement carefully. Minimum coverage on a leased car includes: Public liability insurance that covers up to $100,000 for bodily injuries to anyone, $300,000 for bodily injuries for any accident, and $50,000 for property damage, or has a combined single limit of $300,000 for bodily injuries and property damage for any accident; and

Physical damage insurance covering loss or damage to the car, with deductibles not exceeding $1,000 for collision and upset loss as well as $1,000 for comprehensive fire and theft loss.

Honda Lease Trust should be listed as additional insured and loss payee.

*Note: Different insurance requirements are applicable in Florida and Hawaii. Read your Lease Agreement carefully for required insurance coverage levels.

Where do I send my insurance info?

When leasing a new car or switching between insurance companies, you should have your insurance agent provide appropriate evidence of insurance to Honda Lease Trust, naming it as Loss Payee and Additional Insured. This evidence should be mailed or faxed to:

Honda Lease Trust

c/o PDP Services

P.O. Box 650201

Hunt Valley, MD 21065

I usually drive more than 15,000 miles per year. Does that mean I shouldn't lease?

Not at all. Once your lease starts, you aren't able to adjust your mileage allowance. However, we do have special lease programs that let you purchase "up-front" mileage for less than you would normally pay at the end of the lease term. Also, the cost of excess mileage is helpfully included in your monthly payment. If you don't use all the miles that you purchase, no refund will be given. Ask your Honda dealer for details.

I want to buy a car Service contract. Can I include this cost in my lease payment?

Yes, we can give you the details. For now, just check out Honda Care® Program

What happens if my vehicle is stolen or "totaled" in an accident?

Your lease may be terminated early. Contact Customer Service ASAP to alert us and discuss the next steps. But rest assured - all Honda leases include (Guaranteed Asset Protection) to protect you against unnecessary expenses.

If I lease, am I financially responsible for sales tax and property tax?

In some states, you'll pay sales tax that's based on your monthly payments. Other states may require you to pay tax on the full value of the car. Property tax treatment varies from state to state as well. Ask us for more info about the tax regulations in your state.

Are leasing and balloon financing available for non-Honda vehicles?

Not through Honda Financial Services®.

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