Each year almost 40,000 lives are lost due to motor vehicle crashes, and these accidents affect more than drivers and passengers. Close friends, family, loved ones, and many others also impacted by a collision. That’s why Honda engineers work hard to develop advanced passive safety and active safety systems to help protect not just our customers but everyone sharing the road in a wider variety of collision scenarios. From drivers and passengers to pedestrians and bike and motorcycle riders, we believe everyone deserves to feel safe on the road.


Our customer Nicole Hart experienced the life-changing engineering that goes into every Honda vehicle. In April 2019, her 2018 HR-V drifted into oncoming traffic as Nicole reached for a tissue. Her vehicle hit a utility trailer being towed by a pickup trucking, rolling over multiple times. Once the airbags activated, HondaLink® Assist, a feature of Honda's cloud-based HondaLink® system, automatically issued a call to a response agent, who was able to immediately notify local emergency personnel to the scene. Not only did Nicole survive the crash, she was able to walk away with nothing more than minor cuts and bruises and a sprained wrist. She attributes her survival to her HR-V’s structure and safety features.


HondaLink® Assist is a new feature available on the HR-V EX and above. In the event of a crash, it can request emergency assistance for drivers using the driver’s cellular connection through Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink.  When the airbag deployment sensor is activated, this feature will connect drivers to trained response agents, who can get in contact with emergency services and report the car’s current location.


Here are Crown Honda of Southpoint, we believe in “Safety for Everyone,” which means we’re committed to protecting our customers and everyone sharing the road. We know when you prevent a collision, you’re not just protecting the lives of the people on the road. You’re protecting the lives of everyone who cares about them.

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